From Danger to Dignity - Enviro Loo Toilet Project

One of the most basic human needs - sanitary, private and safe bathroom facilities -  is not available for roughly 45,000 school children. Most rural schools use pit toilets, which are holes in wooden structures that drop waste into a pit dug deep into the ground. Often they have no doors, ventilation or even seats.

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When pit toilets become too dangerous to use, students and teachers must climb into the South African bush, among snakes and insects, for relief. Many children, especially girls, stay home because of the embarrassment they would suffer with out access to private restroom facilities.

Students who use pit toilets are exposed to disease, injury and even death. Those who wander into the bush face humiliation and danger. Children must choose to either put themselves at risk or forgo an education, simply because this basic human need is not met at school. The problem has become so severe that the South African government is seeking assistance.

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