Feeding Centers

These children have grown up only knowing the devastation of AIDS and the feeling of hunger.

The need is great among South African children. In most cases they don’t know where their next meal will come from or where they will sleep tonight.

Together with our ministry partners, we send containers food to South Africa where local churches and partners distribute it to those in need. Through the feeding centers we support, children receive a hot meal five days a week. In addition to feeding the children, we provide love and support through life skills and Biblical training. These children leave feeling both physically and spiritually full.

At Del Cramer Children's Campus, we are building a model of immediate care and long term stability through career training and micro-enterprises. We hope to use this model in all feeding center's we provide food to in the future. Our pilot child sponsorship program, Ratanang Child Sponsorship, is based at our Del Cramer Children's Campus. Del Cramer Children's Campus is built and ready to care for today's and tomorrow's needs for 200 children. Our hope and dream is to see this program grow to accommodate sponsorships for all registered spots at Del Cramer and then to grow into more feeding centers throughout South Africa.

Along with meeting immediate needs we have firmly put in place programs to provide self-sustaining ways for these children and families to be feed and cared for through programs under Food for Tomorrow.  

Medical & Optical Clinics

medical-1 As the need for healthcare is great in these poor communities, we spend a lot of time and resources in trying to meet this practical need. All across the country of South Africa we host optical clinics through community outreach and in the public school systems. Children are given a free education by the government, so even the poorest students are able to attend.medical-2

In our optical outreaches, we are able to sit knee to knee with one child at a time. We not only find a way to meet their physical need but more importantly take the time to share the love of Christ with each one. We teach the children Godly principles and educate them on HIV/AIDS. Every child leaves the clinic with One Hope’s Book of Hope, an age-appropriate book that includes Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, & Acts in a manner that is understandable to them.

medical-3Medical outreaches, team members get to spend about twenty minutes with each child. We prescribe them glasses, give them the One Hope publication, and share the love of Christ. We see more than 150 children a day on these week-long outreaches.

A recipient of new glasses, Amanda Nkutshweu, said, "Just as I had given up on ever having a chance to see clearly again he came to the rescue. He and his wife Beth welcomed me into their home and gave my very first pair of glasses...I remember him singing "I can see clearly now the rain is gone, I can see all obstacles in my way....” If it wasn’t for them, I would probably still be struggling at school. I’m now confident and I’m one of the top students in my school. I am very thankful for the love that he has for helping others. Thank you so much!”  

HIV/AIDS Education

Hope-Love-Cube While sitting with the children fitting glasses, praying for their needs, and sharing the love of Christ, we also have the opportunity to educate about HIV/AIDS. South Africa only recently dropped from the number one country with HIV/AIDS in the world. Education on the disease has greatly helped this. Yet still, according to UNAID, 1,000 children are left orphaned daily due to one or both parents passing away from it. The problem is compounded by false teachings and misconceptions of the disease. It is not uncommon for witch doctors to teach that AIDS can be cured by sexual intercourse with a number of virgins. Promiscuity is also rampant in the culture with men often living away from their families for work and taking on the "right" to another partner. The HIV/AIDS Cube helps volunteers walk through basic myths and truths on what the disease is and how it is spread as well as promoting faith in Christ. It is a vital key to teaching about the disease and helping share the love of Christ.

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