Lighthouse Christian Church

We can have all the programing in the world and still not effect the true root of a problem. We believe that the Love of Christ is the key to lasting impact. Lighthouse Christian Church was planted to preach the Word and teach principles that will fully effect those we serve. Lighthouse Church was planted in 2011 and is pastored by seminary students. It is located at Del Cramer Campus near Mokopane. The church service for adults is between 60-90 per week and the children's service called KC Live has between 150-200 children weekly. Most of these children are brought by donkey cart to church and all stay for a meal after service. We look to plant a second church in 2014 near the Lodge of Dreams and Thompson Campus.

Job Creation & Micro Enterprises

Sustainability is key to providing a long term solution for the people of South Africa. At Blessman International it is our desire to create a sustainable environment through job creation. We are doing this through multiple micro-enterprise programs:

    • Farming/Agriculture
    • Bakery
    • Sewing
    • Construction
    • Well Drilling/Restoration
    • Lodging Vacation Stays
In South Africa, we are equipping, training, and employing people to help them learn to make a living for themselves and their families. You can be a part of making a life-long impact on children and families by donating to one of these programs or coming to share your skills and train people in Africa! Contact our offices for more information on how you can be a part.

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