Lethabo Sewing & Training Center

Lethabo (pronounced LET-AH-BOH) Sewing & Training Center means "Happiness" in sepedi, a local South African language. Located near Mokopane, Lethabo Sewing & Training Center provides women opportunities to earn fair wages, learn new skills, and express themselves creatively. Profits support the children's program at our Del Cramer Children's Campus. Lethabo Sewing & Training Center was established in 2012 and is a micro-enterprise of Blessman International. Click here to view our products.

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Francina Boshomane

Hello, my name is Francina Boshomane. I have three wonderful daughters, Heshly, Boitumelo, and Maria. I have worked for Lethabo for 3 and a half years. My mother taught me to sew about 6 years ago. I love everything about my job, especially selling dresses they are my favorite. If I didn’t have this job it would’ve made getting through tough times even harder, because of this job I am where I am now. My favorite item to make is probably African attire, because I love it. In the next 5 years it would be amazing if we could make big orders and export things to America and everywhere else. I love working here with all the other ladies and sharing ideas with each other.

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Hellen Mokgotho

Hi, I am Hellen Mokgotho. I have three amazing children. My daughter Leah, and my two sons, Alfred and Patrick. I have only worked at Lethabo Sewing Center for one year, but I’ve been sewing for 5 years. I learned to sew from my mother, and I also had a sewing job before I came to Lethabo. The best part about my job is sewing. It’s very cool to see what you can do with your hands. This job has made it possible to support my children. To have food on the table and give them a good life. I love to make clothes, because I love to wear clothes. I see the sewing center in the next 5 years growing much bigger, making more money, and selling more items.

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Hilda Chongani

Hi, my name is Hilda Chongani! My husband, Maxwell, and I have two great kids. Our son, Perfect, and our daughter, Privilege. I have worked at Lethabo for 4 years, I’ve been sewing for just about 4 years as well. I learned how to sew in Mokopane from Francina’s mom. My favorite part about my job is just sewing, I also love to learn to make new things. This job has really made a difference in my life. It makes me feel like I’m doing something special, like I can do anything I want just by using my own hands. My favorite thing I’ve made has to be bags and purses. A lady came from America and she gave me a pattern to make bags. So we started on it together and it’s been my favorite thing to make since then. It would be cool to see in the next 5 years, the sewing center growing huge and being recognized everywhere. Working at Lethabo is a great privilege and I believe it will go very far.

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Maria Hlongwane

Hello, I am Maria Hlongwane! I have three beautiful children. My daughter Regina, and my two sons, Bob and Ben. I have worked at Lethabo Sewing Center for 2 years and I’ve been sewing for more than 15 years. I taught myself how to sew after watching my mother when I was a little girl. When I was 10 I started to make skirts for my dolls. I continued to love sewing all throughout my life and then I finally went to school to learn more about sewing. I love my job so much, the best part is when I get to sew pants, they aren’t complicated and it’s nice break from trying new things. This job has really changed my life in a very good way. Because of this job, I can now support my children. I can provide food and afford to send them to school. The sewing center continues to do amazing things. In the next 5 years I would love to see it even bigger and selling much more than we do now.